Only the Brave

I realize that I am walking around a living, breathing open wound, and it is not nice to look at. It is bleeding, and disgusting, and revealing all the muscles, and tendons, and fat inside. It nauseates me, too. It is everything I am not supposed to be. And if you look away in horror,…Read more »

Meeting Angels

The most majestic scene I have ever witnessed Was not a mama bear and her cubs crossing my path at sunrise Or breathing the crisp air At 10,000 ft Above earth It wasn’t a meteor shower From a grassy field Late at night All of these were breathtaking Awe-inspiring And will forever remain Captured in…Read more »

My Neighbor and I

My neighbor and I have an Unspoken communication His is in the form of frantic ramblings And mine is in the form of sobs He follows cars into my driveway To copy down the plates For some covert operation Of which, none of us are quite sure But my presence always puts him at ease…Read more »