My neighbor and I have an

Unspoken communication

His is in the form of frantic ramblings

And mine is in the form of sobs

He follows cars into my driveway

To copy down the plates

For some covert operation

Of which, none of us are quite sure

But my presence always

puts him at ease

And I listen to his shouts

And rants

And I shrug them off

Because he’s my neighbor

And we’ve both got


In common

There might not be much else there


Its enough

And when my time comes to speak,

He falls silent

And allows me to say my piece

I speak with weeping through the night

When its the only way to get to sleep

Or when I wake up from a

Bad dream

Whenever I find myself riddled with despair

My crying is like a lullaby to him


This, he understands

I needn’t say a word

Because we both speak the same language




A pain that cannot be quenched

In this lifetime alone

I make space for him daily

And on the days or nights

I sing my lullaby

He stops

And listens

In a way that no one else

Can ever really muster

He stands captive

In awe

Of my opera