When The Ghosts Try To Find You

Hmmmm….. Where do I start? I’m a positive person… so let’s start there. When I hear people’s stories I am amazed by the tapestry woven in this world by each of us. Our struggles, our triumphs, our pain, our joy, our grief, our growth, our journey. It is incredible. I’ve heard so many of them.…Read more »


When I was a child my sister was jealous of my ability to color inside the lines. It was the only arena in which my capacity outranked her own. My compulsive attention to detail started there. The irony of this is not lost on me. My life has been lived unabashedly, unapologetically unconcerned with staying…Read more »

Forget Me Not

You will not forget me Not because of my kiss Or the intensity of the ocean In my eyes Somehow, Unbeknownst to us My soul will mark your own My words will immortalize me In your mind By planting seeds Carving words into wood “I was here.” I have dissolved into your DNA Like sugar…Read more »

How To Take A Compliment

Whenever I told my grandma She looked pretty, She would gently Pat her hair and question, “I do?” Because the only Thing better Than a single Compliment, of Course, grandma realized, Is two. 😊😁