The Poem I Did Not Write

I’ve been going back and reading old posts, which I never do. My mind has been revisiting the things I used to feel, and I happened to be led there. It might not be a good idea, but it is a good reminder from where I came. I’ve been reading a lot of my posts…Read more »

Off the Cuff

The men I’ve loved have allowed me to rely on no one but myself. You can bare your soul, you know at the distance of an arm’s length. It is possible to bask in the warmth of an embrace, and yet walk away feeling even more alone. And yes, I’ve known connection and heartache and…Read more »

The Freedom In Release

I know that there’ll be days, My dear, When the loneliness is just Too much. You’ll yearn for company At your dinner table, And need nothing more Than simply To be held, Or spend your time pondering A future Of aging and dying, With no one by your side. All of this will hurt, At…Read more »

Into The Broken Places

Many men have loved me But none enough to stay I’ve traced mountainsides With my fingertips Across the ironed-out landscapes of flesh Curving against muscle And bone I’ve learned to open This heart wide Like an eager lotus Floating atop the waters Calm, without hesitation Waiting to meet the sun And my love is met…Read more »