Turn The Light Off When You Go

My eyes are very green today And they reminded me of you The way they billow in like smoke And lie about the truth   Truth is… I’ve written just as many poems In your absence As I did when we first met   They were exciting then Adventurous Telling tales Of hikes in snow…Read more »

The Times I Would’ve Died

I would’ve died a thousand times over if it had been up to me. Every time my heart broke or doors closed or I glimpsed my reality with honest eyes. It seems no matter how hard I sleep it never is enough. Nightmares that I can’t recall always keep me up, or wake me just…Read more »

The Poem I Did Not Write

I’ve been going back and reading old posts, which I never do. My mind has been revisiting the things I used to feel, and I happened to be led there. It might not be a good idea, but it is a good reminder from where I came. I’ve been reading a lot of my posts…Read more »

Off the Cuff

The men I’ve loved have allowed me to rely on no one but myself. You can bare your soul, you know at the distance of an arm’s length. It is possible to bask in the warmth of an embrace, and yet walk away feeling even more alone. And yes, I’ve known connection and heartache and…Read more »

The Freedom In Release

I know that there’ll be days, My dear, When the loneliness is just Too much. You’ll yearn for company At your dinner table, And need nothing more Than simply To be held, Or spend your time pondering A future Of aging and dying, With no one by your side. All of this will hurt, At…Read more »


You say things to me Without realizing it When I feel your heartbeat Sync with mine Or the moment your face freezes And I can feel your heart sink And the squeak Of endless turning wheels Inside your head And we cannot escape This carnival ride There is no way to leave Until it has…Read more »