I would’ve died

a thousand times over

if it had been up to me.

Every time my heart broke

or doors closed

or I glimpsed my reality

with honest eyes.

It seems no matter

how hard I sleep

it never is enough.

Nightmares that I can’t recall

always keep me up,

or wake me just before

the wave of peace

sweeps me into eternal rest.

I’ve felt the calmness

of breathing in the warmth

of God,

like a beautiful sigh.

And I had it twice

in one night.

I’ve had the privilege

of being held by Him

without the

needing to leave this life.

But most days…

He leaves it to me

to find this comfort

on my own.

Without the assistance

of beds and pillows,

the arms of lovers,

celestial blankets

to wrap me in the affection

that always eases my soul.

I walk alone.

Even as He neighbors me closely

in silence.

I’ve no maps

or guides

to compass this journey

and I know

that my north star must always be

the confidence of a foundation

in the knowledge that

I am one of the few

and perhaps

even the only soul

that has been entrusted

with the gift

of navigating this voyage

on my own.