This morning, just as I was considering writing this blog post, someone asked me to explain my absence on my blog over the past two years. Now that I am back, I figured I should fill in the gap.

In 2015, I was raped. I met a guy online, and we talked for months, while I was away for work. He told me he was dying from cancer, and in our interactions, I learned a lot about living life as though it could be over at any time. When I returned to the area, he had apparently taken a turn for the worst, and so I wanted to see him, in case the end might be near. I don’t typically meet people online in a private place for the first time, but I made an exception for him. When we met, he raped me.

I’ll leave that part of the story at that, because it is unnecessary to explain anything beyond that. What I said is all that matters.

The last post I wrote was a post about him. I wrote it before he raped me. It was positive and about everything I’d learned from our time interacting, up to that point. That was the last thing I wrote for two years.

I immediately went to residential treatment. I had trauma in my past that went unaddressed for many years. Meanwhile it festered in my soul and I became very sick in all of my self-destructive tendencies, and suicidal, and just generally unpleasant. I had worked hard to overcome all of that in 2011-2012, and was continuing that work when this happened. At first, I was in shock. For about a week, I kept telling myself “I’ve done this before, I can do it again.” At first, I was okay. But after everything that had happened finally set in, I started to crumble, and things got bad very quickly. I decided this time, I was going to handle EVERYTHING differently, and address it IMMEDIATELY.  I immediately went into residential treatment, and started the healing process. I was there for two months. When I came home, I continued with my therapist and a trauma therapist.

I was seeing a dietitian for my eating disorder. In the past, I had immediately gained substantial amounts of weight after something like this, so I asked her to keep an eye on my weight for me. When it started to creep up, I put my foot down. I started working very hard to eat better and I got a Fitbit. I started losing weight. I walked for a year before I began running, and now have been running almost a year. I was determined not to let him take my health and my recovery from me, but while I was busy focusing on that, I didn’t even notice that he had taken my writing.

Side Note: I wanted to include this tidbit in the story, because it will most certainly come up later, and is relevant. I know I’ve mentioned it in past posts, but it needs to be said here. I come from a long line of what I call “sensitives” or “intuitives,” on both sides of my family. This includes a wealth of unusual abilities. One of these abilities is sometimes knowing about things that will happen in the future. I often find out this information in dreams. I was warned in a dream about the man who raped me. In the dream, he said to me, “I AM ABUSIVE, YOU NEED TO RUN.” He said this repeatedly. Both in the dream, and in my waking life, I ignored the information, and talked myself out of it being one of “those” dreams. Which, I obviously later regretted. So while I was working on my physical health, I also worked diligently on my spiritual health, so that I could develop an ability to listen to that voice, honor what it tells me, and act accordingly. I have had great success with this. I have experienced new, exciting things because of this adventure. My mind has been expanded in pretty wild ways. I am sure it will come up in my writing.

Once I realized that so much time had gone by unwritten, I was devastated. My very purpose for being on this planet is my writing. My story has just been too wild not to share. And I also know that it can and has helped many.

I prayed for a year, at least, for God to restore my writing. I repeatedly included the words “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY,” which I know are dangerous words to The Almighty. It occurred to me that it might take another trauma to elicit my writing, but I was desperate. It took a pretty minor break up, instead, so I was cool with that. 😀

So, now here I am. I am back. I found my words. And my words are where my power lies, so the world best watch out. I am capable of anything now.

Throat Chakra

For years

My trauma

Was held tightly

In my hips

No matter

My position

They stood

Or laid

Or sat



Always for a fight

They were soldiers

Frozen at attention

Paralyzed in fright


And I lived there

For many years

I lived there


When I finally became

Able to let them


The trauma swelled

Inside of me

Like a volcano


the purge

After centuries

Of seething

Beneath the surface

Of the earth

The ground began

To quake

And crack


And I lived there

For a year or two

I lived there


From there it moved

Into my heart


like the green lotus

it began to bloom

And After many years

Of extending it

To others

I was finally able

to meet myself with love


And I live there

For a few years now

I’ve lived there


As the colors climbed

And pain

Boiled up inside

My entire existence


Both the rainbow

And the pot of gold


And I live here.

And now this is my home.


And to those who

Have caused my scars

For I take no credit for my pain

What I will attest to

Is my ability

To breed beauty

From disdain


The light has finally

Reached my throat

It breathes brilliantly

In blue

And I will share my stories


And I will tell of you


It is your turn

To live in fear

Of all the truths

That I could tell

And this time I

Will not hold back

I’ll write of


Into my hell


For I am free now

You’ll no longer


And where I once

So easily broke

Is now unable

To ever bend


This is where I free you from all that I am,

And imprison you, instead,

within the walls my words.


And you will live there

From now on, you will live there.