You will not forget me

Not because of my kiss

Or the intensity of the ocean

In my eyes


Unbeknownst to us

My soul will mark your own

My words will immortalize me

In your mind

By planting seeds

Carving words into wood

“I was here.”

I have dissolved into your DNA

Like sugar into coffee

Marshmallows in hot chocolate

Honey into tea

I am a sweet taste

Left lingering upon your tongue

I can go

As swiftly as

I came

Years may pass

You may know love

Make families

Build empires

But the time will come

When you realize

I remained

I was so much more than

Singed hair

I am

Melted flesh

A mark that will not fade

But rather than scar,

I mend

The memory of me

Will heal your wounds

Of painful years gone by

It will be as the

Lingering warmth

Of a dear friend’s hand

upon your back

The whispering remnants of God

You will yearn again

To experience

The pleasure of

My presence

The healing freedom

That you felt

By baptizing

Your toe tips

In my springs


You will not forget me,

Though I’ve long forgotten you