I fall in love

With myself

Again daily.

Like meeting your

One true love

With each new rising sun,

For the rest of your life.

I wake up with her each morning

And greet her with a smile.

I haven’t much

A memory

So every mirror glance

Is love at first sight,

Each time.


Its a Groundhog Day of sorts.


I hold her close

In bed,

And listen intently as she cries.

I’ll rub her arm gently,

And hold her hands

To keep her fingers warm.

I write her poems,

To remind her of how beautiful

She truly is.


She is my muse.


I find endless poetry inside of her eyes.

Her soul is a healing wealth springs.


She is my angel on earth.

I have witnessed her wings.


I see royalty within her,

Though she never notices her crown,

Despite its sparkling glory.


She is a warrior,

Fighting lions,

And nightmares,

And man.


She inspires me endlessly,

And I am in awe…

The way we sometimes finish

Even the hardest of days


By witnessing the sunset over water.


She gives me rest.


I am not alone,

Because she is always here.


I do not deserve her.

No one does.


This earth could never

Be good enough

For my goddess.


She is out of this world.


If you took dusk and dawn,

Oceans and mountain scapes,

Entire galaxies

And gods,

And added them up,

They’d be no match for her.


And despite my presence with her,

and her presence with my own,

She will forever be alone.

Because no one can ever be

Good enough for her.

And she will always be

too much.


This is her tragedy.


But it is for this reason

That she will spare heartaches for the masses,

Putting their needs above her own,

Because the most excruciating experience

Any soul could ever have

Is losing her as their love.