I have written 

a thousand and one poems

About the trails

Of heartaches

Left in the wake of reckless souls

Who’ve waltzed into my life

To take what was theirs

And leave what was mine

As though pieces of me

Were belonging to them


The way you could

Surf along the waves

Rolling through the rivers

I’ve built tirelessly

With my tears






Woven into beautiful 

Long, enchanting braids

The shades

Echoing of a tapestry

Written into my life

Against my will


Like a massive 



With a cheerful




And suddenly now

There’s you.

And I’m at a loss

About what to say

For the one who stays


The one who deserves all the honor

And the praise

To be painted in elaborate colors

And illuminated by the light


The one who demonstrates

The ease

Of bending over backwards 

Like an Olympic gymnast 

Who’s been training for this event 

For years


The one who makes it feel

Like you’ve actually been 

Super easy to love 

All this time


The glaringly obvious 


that only he could reveal.